Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner on top of Zürich

Tonight's dinner was a once in a lifetime dining experience. And I have to thank my Dad for treating!

Uetliberg is a mountain on Zurich's south eastern end. It's easily accessible by the Zürich S-Bahn from the city center. Aside from hiking and biking activities the mountain is home to a restaurant called Uto Kulm. It sits at the highest part of the mountain and the dining room has breathtaking views of both Lake Zürich and the surrounding country.

We reserved a table by the south facing window overlooking the lake. The dining room was spacious with white tablecloths, orchids and lit candles on each table.

To start I had the caprese salad, which came with a shot of balsamic dressing and a basil purée. The tomatoes were extremely fresh making for a tasty starter. Ryan had the green salad with a heaping side of beets.

For the entree I chose the Geschnetzeltes Kalbfleisch nach Zürcher Art - sliced veal and mushrooms in a tasty cream sauce served with golden brown roesti. The veal was tender and the sauce rich. Ryan had the Feine Kalbsleberli - sliced veal liver pan fried with diced apple, fresh sage and a “shot” of calvados, accompanied with golden brown roesti.

I love Swiss sides, as they usually consist of some sort of starchy masterpiece. The roesti was no different - it was basically a large hash-brown, but so much better.

Dessert was all about sorbet. Ryan ordered a dish with cherry sorbet and champagne. The combination was to die for! I ordered a scoop of pineapple and a scoop of lemon - I know, it was an odd selection. Both tasted wonderful, but the highlight of dessert for me was a very smooth glass of port.

I greatly enjoyed this meal. Every dish was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. I love when restaurants take classic, standard items and make them new and exciting. I'd go back to Uto Kulm without hesitation.

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